FDM 10 Commandments of Work

1. TGI MONDAY! Attitude of gratitude!

2. Work as if your boss, teammates, and clients can watch your every move. If you wouldn’t want people to know, you shouldn’t be doing it.

3. Embrace the No Gossip Rule move it up or be quiet

4. Don't be defensive when criticism comes; it’s an opportunity to grow

5. Don't compare your achievements to others; jealousy sucks

6. Expect Problems and Trouble; Today, that’s why we have jobs, to solve problems.

7. Understand and Embrace your role in the Company’s performance and future. If everyone does an outstanding job, we win period.

8. Remember Those Who Cannot Work because of illness or lack of opportunity. When we’re so busy it’s easy to forget one’s blessings

9. Expand the Network Be Generally interested in others it builds a great culture

10. Honor all commitments to clients and customers. A breakdown here damages trust