Bedrock Principles

  1. There are NO customers in the office: When Fred Neubauer began his career, his mentor, Sol Dorf constantly reminded him that “There are no customers in the office." This is something he never forgot. We measure people by how many appointments they have. The reason is simple: no appointments, no orders. The formula for success is to have outstanding people + unique/best in class brands + an obsession for getting appointments. 

  2. We focus on the 7-P’s: When measuring a brand’s performance, we scorecard these 7 areas. Why? Because what prevents you from maximizing your business potential is when you don’t have these buttoned up. When you are not reaching your potential, you only need to find which one of these you don’t have correct.

    1. Placement

    2. Pricing

    3. Promotion

    4. Product Selection

    5. Process

    6. People

    7. Packaging

  3. We only represent best in class/Unique products: what we have found is that when you are so passionate about the brand that you are “preaching the Gospel”, you never lose.

  4. We want to work with great people who have a strong work ethic and are of high character. We have all worked with toxic people. They are draining and rarely successful. At FDM we hire Hungry, Humble, and Smart people. All of our new team member interviews and existing employee performance evaluations use the criteria of: Hungry, Humble, and Smart. 

  5. “It’s about sales, stupid”: At the end of the day, people are not hiring us for advice, although that is part of what we do. Bottom line is that it is about growing our clients’ sales. Bill Parcells said it best: “You are what your record says you are.”