Our Why?

"There are no Customers in the office."

The brutal fact is that our industry has an 85% failure rate. This
means only 15% of the food brands in the marketplace reach their
objective of a successful exit or of having a profitable company. It is a
shame to see people who invest substantial capital and energy in their
dream of having a successful food brand, fail. We are passionate about
helping our clients be in the fortunate 15% and having a successful exit or,
if they choose, continue to grow their business.

Our Mission

FDM exists to help small food brands accelerate their growth. We build consumer brands profitability and engage our clients not only as their sales agent but as an active partner in developing an overall business strategy.  Our firm was founded and developed by industry veterans who are passionate about taking small brands and seeing them grow. We focus exclusively on best in class unique brands that are in the early stages of their sales trajectory.  We leverage our 120 years of collective experience to provide market knowledge, broker relationships and valuable industry contacts to fuel growth.