Our Founder, the late Fred Neubauer Wrote:

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"Okay, we didn’t want to do a website because we saw it as self serving and did not want to do anything that did not advance our clients’ interests. The younger members of our team wanted us to do a “dog and pony show” website. So……we compromised and did a no frills, just the facts website. If you want a fancy website that tells you how great they are, (glamorized biographies, exaggerated claims of services provided), go to our competitor’s websites. Instead, if you want a great sales force that is focused on growing your business, please spend a few minutes exploring more about FDM Sales."

We still feel the same way and we are ready to accelerate your growth with our team of more than 35 associates.  People with years of experience as former Category Managers with major chains as well as people with decades of experience in retail grocery.  Let us show you what we have done for others and what we can do for you, by clicking  here.


Kyle Patterson , President

Brian Polencheck  EVP Sales

85% of food brands fail—don’t be one of them. This means only 15% of the food brands in the marketplace reach their objective of a successful exit.

Bottom line, our compensation is aligned with your objective to build sales and successfully transition your business to a larger firm. We offer over 500 years of combined experience growing best-in-class consumer brands, including market knowledge, broker relationships, and valuable industry contacts.


We want to work with great people who have a strong work ethic and are of high character. We have all worked with toxic people. They are draining and rarely successful. All of our new team member interviews and existing employee performance evaluations use the criteria of: Hungry, Humble, and Smart.


At FDM, we hire Hungry, Humble, and Smart people.

The 24-Hour Pledge

We know how frustrating it is not to get a timely response. That’s why we are the first in our industry to take a pledge that all our Clients will receive a response to emails, text messages or phone calls within 24 hours of receipt. And an auto response doesn’t count.


Great Brands we have helped build

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