Every organization needs people to help the front line and provide services only they can do. Here are just a few of the many tasks that the team handles:

  1. Analyzing Data
  2. Forecasting
  3. Promotion Submission & Archiving
  4. Facilitating Internal & External Communication with FDM Team, Clients & Industry Entities
  5. Category Review Preparation & Submission
  6. Maintaining Dropbox
  7. Maintaining Company Records
  8. Zoom Call Facilitation
  9. Retailer Portal Navigation & Documentation
  10. New Vendor Set-up Forms
  11. Food Show Facilitation
  12. Managing our CRM, Asana
  13. Uploading New Item Images
  14. Handling Dispute Forms
  15. New Item Forms as Directed
  16. Client Onboarding
  17. Maintaining Compliance Documents
  18. Troubleshooting & Research
  19. Process Documentation
The team of people helping FDM with these tasks are led by Melissa Berry-Brown, who comes to FDM after over 20 years at UNFI with a plethora of administrative and industry knowledge.