In addition to the five principles that govern our approach to sales at FDM, keeping these ten directives in mind will help ensure you have no bad days at work.


TGI MONDAY: Attitude of gratitude!

Especially in light of COVID-19, we are fortunate to work in an industry that is booming and for a company that is thriving with brands we are passionate about.


Work as though we’re watching your every move.

Work as though your boss, teammates, or Clients can watch your every move. If you wouldn’t want people to know, you shouldn’t be doing it.


Embrace the no gossip rule.

Move it up or keep quiet. If it is really a problem, then leadership should know about it and deal with it.


Don’t be defensive about criticism.

Critiques are an opportunity to grow. You learn the most from the mistakes you make and the constructive feedback you receive.


Don’t compare your achievements to others.

A team is built on mutual support. You should be happy and gracious when others succeed. Jealousy sucks.


Expect problems and trouble.

Problems are our job security; look at them as an opportunity to strive for greatness.


Understand and embrace your role.

You are invested in the Company’s performance and future. If everyone does an outstanding job, we win — period.


Remember those who cannot work because of illness or opportunity.

When we are so busy it’s easy to take our blessings for granted.


Expand the network.

Be genuinely interested in others. It builds a great culture when you know your colleagues care.


Honor all commitments to Clients and customers.

A breakdown here erodes trust. Every one of us has a relationship bank account and we want to make lots of deposits.