How it works

  1. We start with an initial call with our potential Client to determine alignment on strategy, management philosophy, and, most importantly, viability of the brand utilizing the 8 Ps. As a part of this process, it is essential that we validate the quality and positioning of the brand.
  2. Our agreement calls for a modest salary and 2% of net year-over-year sales growth. Our model is set up so our compensation is directly tied to growing our Clients’ annual sales. For the cost of an average Regional Manager, our Client gets a National Sales Team (without paying for benefits) and FDM gets another opportunity to build a brand to a successful exit. If everything is aligned, an agreement is signed.
  3. We provide a comprehensive list of all the things our salesforce will need to sell to the retailer.
  4. We appoint one of our experienced Brand Managers — mostly ex-chain buyers — to be the quarterback for the brand. The Brand Manager works with our Executive Leadership Team and our Client to develop a detailed sales strategy.
  5. It’s time to kick things off! We launch with our team on a national Zoom call. Samples should be sent to everyone on our team prior to the meeting.
  6. Following the national kick-off call, we schedule an individual Client call with everyone on the team to discuss their individual assignments.
  7. To secure appointments and get authorizations at as many retailers as possible. Our commitment: Every single retailer on our sales plan will be contacted by our team.
  8. We continue building your brand to a successful exit.