A company is always a shadowy reflection of its leadership. We insist on the following:

  • You must work hard. Brian and Fred are animals; we love the work and give 100% every day! You should too.
  • Accountability is not a buzzword. Every day we require everyone to email all employees their plan for the day, which we call: Attack Your Day. Our entire team is passionate about the AYD process, which has both cultural and practical benefits. In today’s world, time management and a productivity strategy are essential and we are relentless in our pursuit of a better way.
  • Gossip and other corporate BS wastes time and energy, which is why it’s not tolerated at FDM. Issues should be laddered up to leadership with no exceptions, rather than discussed with people who can’t fix them. While we always want to measure things, we want people here who do real work, not just keep score. Big companies have lots of score keepers.
  • We have one key measurement: appointments with retailers! We have great brands and fantastic people so our chances of success improve with every appointment we secure — it’s not rocket science.
  • Toxic Clients who drain energy and waste precious time need not contact us; we won’t be working with you.
  • We want our people to be well-compensated so we pay more than the industry average, always. In addition, we have a bonus program incentivizing our Brand Managers and salespeople to accomplish brand objectives.
  • We support our families and their contributions. The nature of our work means there are times husbands, wives, mothers, or fathers aren’t home or are glued to the computer in the den. That’s why every teammate gets five long weekend days in addition to their vacation time.
  • We are an extension of our Clients’ brands and how we present ourselves is important. Fred hasn’t worn a tie, suit, or dress pants for five years but like all of us, he’s always dressed professionally; you should be too if you work here.
We’re driven by our principles.

At the heart of our work are five simple principles that remind us to cut through the noise and stay focused on what’s important for the success of our business.

10 Commandments for your workday.

In addition to the five principles that govern our approach to sales at FDM, keeping these ten directives in mind will help ensure you have no bad days at work.

A missed call is a missed opportunity.

We’re proud to be the first in our industry to pledge a thoughtful response to all calls, texts, and emails within 24 hours of receipt.