Our Culture


"There are no customers in the office."

One of the things we pay a lot of attention to is culture and values. We interview new talent and evaluate our team on a system that Pat Lencioni outlines in his great book: The Advantage that is called Hungry, Humble, and Smart. We believe by focusing on these principles we create an environment of teamwork, customer service and passion for our mission of making our clients successful. 

A company is always a shadowy reflection of its leadership. We insist on the following:

  • You must work very hard. Brian and I are Animals, we love the work and give 100%. We bring it every day!


  • We have a cadence of accountability that is extraordinary. Every day we require everyone to send all employees, via email, their plan for the day which we call, Attack Your Day. Our entire team is very passionate about the AYD process. We believe it has so many benefits from both a cultural and practical perspective. We are relentless in our pursuit of a better way to do things. In today’s world, time management and a productivity strategy are essential.


  • We hate corporate BS which is why we have a no Gossip Rule. When there’s a problem or something our teammates are bothered by, we have a rule, move it up the ladder to Leadership period. We never allow people to waste time discussing it with people that can’t fix the problem.


  • We make the “one thing “ our key measurement: Appointments with retailers! Not rocket science here folks, we have great brands and great people so if we are manic on appointments, we have a really great chance of success.


  • We don’t work with Toxic People as Clients It drains energy and wastes precious time.


  • We want our people to be well compensated , thus we pay more than the industry average, always. In addition we have a bonus program where our Brand Managers and sales people are highly incentivized to accomplish Brand objectives.


  • We support our families. Hey, "There Are No Customers in the Office" means a lot of the time there is no Husband, Wife, Mother, or Father at home . That’s why every teammate gets 5 long weekend days in addition to their vacation time. We work really hard. Our families sacrifice and we recognize their tremendous contribution.


  • We want to be great ambassadors for the brands. I haven’t worked with a tie, worn a suit or worn dress pants for 5 years . But that does not mean we don't dress professionally at FDM . Dress jeans and a sport coat or female equivalent are the rule. I see too many people in today’s world dress like they're getting ready to clean the garage. We are professional people representing best in class clients and that requires looking like a professional.

- Fred